Sunday, March 25, 2012


I sat GAMSAT yesterday and I must say that despite popular belief that exam is not as hard as we all claim. I have no doubt that I did poorly, my essay on tyranny could have been better related to the topic, my essay on love could have had some structure and content, and my knowledge of physics could have been present. But this exam is not as hard as I thought it would be!

My study tips!
  • Practice writing essays on absolutely any quote you can think of about any subject
  • When writing essays focus on covering every point of the topic and coming to a solid conclusion, with many supporting features (they want you to show them that you will be able to make a good clinical decision for the patient!)
  • Learn your physics equations and practice them!
  • Make sure you can do division (and the other base mathematics) in your head quickly
  • Learn how different chemicals interact and what substance they will form in their base chemical structures (like phenols and carboxylic acids)
  • Make sure you know your chemical numbering and maybe how to balance a chemical reaction (there was one question)
  • Practice the humanities section, the only way to prepare for that is to practice, practice, practice! (I used the ACER material)
Then there is the basics guys
  • Don't panic!
  • Keep an eye on the clock
  • Listen when the announcer says what time the exam will finish
  • Pretend that the exam will finish 5 to 10 minutes earlier so you have time to fill out the questions you don't get around to, or finish you sentence
  • Don't spend time on the questions you don't know in the physical sciences, leave them and come back, because you will run out of time!
  • Take time to think about your essay response, don't just start writing
  • Think of an essay conclusion and main points before you start writing
  • Choose which quotes you are using and your general essay points for BOTH essays in the reading time (before she tells you to start)
Other than that just get a good nights rest, have a coffee before the exam, make sure you eat lunch and breakfast, and wear clothes that you are comfortable in (tracksuits are common)
If you can bring lunch and a good drink then take them and sit outside so you don't get stressed before heading back in. Also don't talk to people about the exam, don't over think it when you finish, and don't stress to much ... the worst that can happen is you resit it again next year or even GAMSAT UK in September (it allows aus med school applications)

Hope this helped

I remain, as always, your loyal servant,
With offerings of Pumpkins,
xoxx Kit