Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to be Pre-med

I have a few blogs, but this is my first one about being a student and I intend to update it regularly, give you tips on being premed, how to cope, and just tell you about my experience.

I am 19, studying Biomedical Science as a pre-med course in Australia. I successfully completed first year last year (2009) at CQU, however due to being screwed around by my current University (QUT) I am repeating first year. I will undoubtedly tell you more about this in days to come, and I may inform you of the possibility of suffering depression. I have had this, I may be suffering now, many students do, YOU CAN STILL BE A DOCTOR if you have a history of mental illness! this wasn't the case some years ago, but with changes in laws and mental illness awareness, you can now open up to a councilor, friend, psychologist or whatever, without fear for your future. Anyway that is not the point of this blog right now (maybe tomorrow).

If anything happens whilst you are studying pre-med I can guarantee you I have probably done it, if not I know someone who has, so fear not. I will blog as much as I can on everything and if you crazy kids ever want to ask questions or talk e-mail me ( (it is also linked on my page)

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